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Baby Talk? No, Thanks.

As a mother, there are a few things I get very, very particular about. Just two, actually. One, my daughter will be breastfed – no formula, at all – at least until her first birthday. And, two, that my daughter learn to talk properly. NO BABYTALK.

Here in the Philippines, there are some words the refer to as ‘baby language’. They use ‘mamam’ for drinking, ‘meme’ for sleeping, to name a few examples. I do not understand how those words came about, therefore I will not be teaching my daughter such words.

It’s all fine and dandy when it’s just me, the hubby  and the LO talking. When other people come into play, however, things get complicated. Time and again, I have explained why they shouldn’t must not teach my daughter such words, but my explanations fall on deaf ears.

My reasons against babytalk are quite simple.
1. I want my daughter to lear proper speech.
2. My daughter (and babies, in general) are intelligent. If taught properly, babies can understand words.
Ergo, no need for babytalk.

I agree that babies will eventually unlearn babytalk, but why should they need to unlearn something they didn’t have to learn in the first place?

My wishes may seem absurd to some, I get that. I just hope that they respect my wishes, as I have my reasons behind them. If you cannot, then please consider not being around my kid until she can fully express herself verbally.


Standing Tall

I should not be posting today, since I just updated my blog yesterday, but something happened that I just could not pass up writing about. Words are not enough, so here are photos.



My seven-and-a-half-month old darling girl stood on her own. Well, she was holding on to our bed frame, but without Mimmy’s help. I’m just so proud of my independent little babe. ♥