Milestones, Motherhood

Cutting Teeth

A few days before my daughter’s ninth month birthday, she started teething. Unlike most of her milestones, this one did not come easy.

It all started with an elevated temperature on father’s day. My little girl was warm to the touch and a little irritable. Upon checking her temperature, 36.9℃. Afebrile, but elevated (her usual temperature is 36.5℃). From there, her temperature would fluctuate and peak at 38.1℃ four times over the next three days. Therefore, paracetamol doses every six hours was necessary.

On top of the temperature she wqs running, she was experiencing slight diarrhea. She pooped an all-time high of four times in one day, something that hasn’t happened since her first week of life. So, hello hydration. Water and juice intake was increased to combat possible dehydration.

The worst symptom we had to go through, though, was irritability. The little girl was almost inconsolable. She would cry and would not allow me to put her down even for a minute. Even while sleeping, she was on my chest. I had to let go of all my chores – laundry, dishes, housekeeping, everything – because she just won’t let me out of her sight. She would cry really, really loud once I try to take a step away from her.

I am not a huge fan of teething. In fact, I hate it with a vengeance. It has caused my daughter great discomfort for about a whole week, and I am still trying to catch up.on the sleep I lost during those days.

Several things helped me survive this cutting ordeal, though. They are:
1. Frozen teethers. My daughter loves to bite cold stuff. Maybe they ease the pain or they numb her gums. Either way, frozen stuff keep her occupied for a bit. I habe tried placing teething rings in the freezer, letting her munch on ice chips, and offering several creamsicles and ice drops.

2. Teething gel. Although some people advise against the use of teething gels, I swear by them. My daughtwr would stop crying upon application. It may be the taste, it may be the gel’s cooling effect. Either way, I have a happy baby.

3. Paracetamol. Aside from its antipyretic property, paracetamol works as a pain reliever. I always have a bottle of Tempra at home for times when my little girl’s temperature spikes.

4. Patience. Lots and lots of it. At the end of the day, we cannot force the LO’s teeth to push out. All we can do is wait for those little biters to come out. We can only be patient, despite our little one’s discomfort because there is nothing we can do but that.