Will I Ever Be Thin Again?


That was me before getting pregnant. I was around 45-47kg at 5’0″. Not bad if you ask me. Especially after peaking at 60kg after my mom died in 2008.

By the time I got pregnant, I weighed 50kg and was perfectly happy. Hey, I had a bun in the oven and every gram of weight I gain was legit. So, I ate. A lot. And I slept, too. A lot. Little by little, my weight went up. Eight months later, I was 57kg and heavily pregnant. I thought, yeah, no worries. I’ll lose it all soon after giving birth, anyway.

It has been more than eight months since I said that, but I have not regained my 45kg self back yet. Not that I am overweight, but I am not as happy with my body as I used to be. My stomach is flabby, my arms are huge, my waistline is almost nonexistent. I feel (and probably) look like a log. 😪

To be fair, though, I already fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I have since my LO’s third month. And I haven’t taken the whole diet thing seriously just yet. I need to stay healthy, as I am breastfeeding, therefore no crash diets, no slimming teas, no nothing. I am too lazy to exercise, nor do I have the energy just yet. Or maybe, I’m just too lazy to get my butt off the couch and start exercising again.

My go-to exercises have always been running and dancing. Running, I cannot do for now. My little girl will.need a babysitter for me to be able to run, and I have no idea where to find one. Dancing, on the other hand, I can. Zumba has kept me fit before, it will make me fit again. And crunches, too. I will work my way back to 200 crunches a day by the time my little girl learns to walk.

I will also push for staying off rice meals. Hubby’s weight gain program will work well with that. He finishes the rice, I will watch him do so. Hahaha!

I said I would be back to my pre-pregnancy body by the time my little girl turns one. I have four months. If I work my ass off, I will regain that body. I know I will. I will be thin and my tummy will be flat again.


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