Milestones, Motherhood

On Firsts

My daughter turns eight months on the 21st, and her seventh was surely an action-packed one. So many milestones happening in a span of a few weeks, which leads me to think that she’s growing up so fast.

She has started to stand on her own while holding onto things.


She sits on her own for long periods without falling.


She can move around by crawling, or rolling, or a combination of both.


She can even walk with the aid of her walker.


She has learned to play alone, amusing herself with her toys.


She also wants to feed herself, refusing my help whenever she can.


And, oh, she has learned a few random syllables and is trying to string them together.

My daughter sure is growing up fast. Keeping up is hard, physically and emotionally. On one hand, I am so proud of all the milestones she has achieved. On the other, I am saddened that little by little, her dependence on me is fading. And fast. Before I know it, she’ll be exploring her own world and creating a personality that is all her own. No matter, I will enjoy her every moment. Her laughs and cries, her firsts and mine, her everything.

As for now, I will bask in her every call for ‘Mama’, her kisses, and her every call for attention. Yes, even those made at three in the morning.



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